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My kids call me a Word Nerd, which I choose to take as a high compliment. They also call me a Vampire because I stay up all night, but that's not really pertinent to this page. :-)

I want to pass the moniker on to my fellow fans. If you're like me, you read voraciously. You're rabid in your fandom, and you love talking about books almost as much as you love reading them. You write reviews and post them on the big book sites, Facebook, or Goodreads. You share links on Facebook, twitter and love to comment on posts. You routinely tell friends and coworkers about the latest great book you've read. 

Sound like you? Then consider joining my Word Nerd street team!

What do you have to do?

Short answer: Read ARC's and post reviews, host giveaways and tour dates, tweet about my books, and spread the word about your love of my stories!

What do You get out of it?
  • An exclusive blog badge that identifies you as one of my Word Nerds- do what you will with that. 
  • Exclusive access to pretty banners, badges and other digital promo material.
  • Exclusive deets on story excerpts and book details that you can post on your blog, or FB, or do whatever with 'em.
  • ARC's of each new title as they are ready. As in, BEFORE anyone else gets them! (READ: FREE BOOKS!)
  • The possibility that you can influence whatever I'm working on at the moment. (Name a character after your dear ol' Gran, you say? Sure!)
  • Special prizes and giveaways available only to street team members!
  • SWAG! 

How do you become a member?

To request entry, just fill in your info at the bottom of the page. The street team has a private group on Facebook that I'll have to add you to, so at the very least you must have an account there. Bonus points if you blog or have your own vehicle for promotions (blog, website, FB following, etc.)

Things as a Street Team Member that you can do to help:

  • Talk the books up and share promo materials with friends & family to spread the word. This includes "liking" and "sharing" Facebook Posts, web posts to G+ etc. 
  • Buy my books the first week of release, which helps it get on the bestseller lists.
  • Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc) to your local stores, place them with the booksellers. You can leave them with libraries and even at coffee shops.
  • Feature interviews, reviews, excerpts via your blog, site, page, etc.
  • Visit during online appearances (workshops, blog tours, chats, etc)
  • Share your (honest) review of the book via Amazon and GoodReads (priorities), Barnes&Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play or where ever else the book is offered. 
  • Add my books to appropriate GoodReads Listopia lists. 
  • Think of creative ways to promote my books.
  • Have fun!

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