Saturday, March 21, 2015

Good News Times Two

I've got great news! Two things I want to share with you, actually.
First, because of the excitement of News #2 (below), I decided a fancy-smancy new website was in order. So I snagged the domain and got myself a pretty sweet looking site. I'm going to leave this blog active, but I'll move the bulk of my interactions over there, so please do come over for a visit!
Second, I've got a new book out!
I waited a few days after the official release date (3/17) because I wanted to tweak the book's blurb on Amazon and do some general housekeeping, but I couldn't hold it in any longer!

The second book featuring Claire (my newly dead, newly single, Vampire soccer-Mom protagonist) is alive! And her dark humor is still just as sharp as her fangs... I promise.

 Here's the official blurb:

After the disastrous trip that ended her mortal life, Claire has to get her freakish talents and blood-lust (and let's be honest, regular ol' lust too) under control so that she can be a good mom and keep her fangs hidden. Thanks to her Vampire Disability Fund, life is good.

So what if two brothers (one hot, one decidedly jerkish) have moved into her neck of the woods? And so what if she hasn't heard a peep out of her maker, Bette, or the other members of The Triad?

No news is good news, right? Oh, how wrong she is...

Bite Me is the second release in the wicked Blood Chord Series. It contains a fair amount of music, magic, fangs and freaks, along with adult situations-- you've been warned!
See more on the book's Amazon page here: Bite Me by Alex Owens