Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Quickie Release - Saved by the Alpha

Like many things in life, I like to liven things up. Junk food one day, salads the next. Lengthy literary tomes, then down-and-dirty novellas. Variety being the spice of life, and all that. 

So in between the spurts of working on the second Blood Chord book (Bite Me, available now for preorder), I took a little break to pen one of the Quickies. And it's available on Amazon for pre-order through the release on Monday, Feb 9th.

The cover alone makes me all tingly. Imagine what the story will do :-)

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When Roxy Thompson decides to explore the wilderness on horseback, she only intends to be gone a few hours and figures it will be safe enough-- as long as she stays on the trails close to the resort. What she doesn't count on is a mountain lion spooking her horse and then turning its sights on her. A wolf saves her in the nick of time, but it’s the handsome recluse Caleb that nurses her back to health, and then some. 

Saved by the Alpha is an erotic paranormal short of approx. 7,500 words and is intended for mature audiences only. 

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