Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pre-order Bite Me (Blood Chord #2) Now!

Book Two in the Blood Chord series is now available for pre-order via Amazon!

Here’s the blurb:
***Limited time, pre-release special price of $2.99! After the release day it will go to the full price of $4.99***
After the disastrous business trip that ended her mortal life, all Claire wants to do is get her freakish talents and blood-lust (and let’s be honest, regular ol’ lust too) under control, so that she can be a good mom, hide her fangs and maybe try to coax her stripper-turned-nanny into wearing some actual clothes that won’t make the local biddies fire up the gossip chain.
Thanks to her Vampire Disability Fund, Claire just might get the boring life of her dreams after all. So what if two brothers (one hot, one decidedly jerkish) have moved into the only other house in her remote neck of the woods? And so what if she hasn’t heard a peep out of her maker Bette or the other two members of The Triad? No news is good news, right?
Oh, how wrong she is…
Bite Me (approx. 65,000 words) is the second release in the wicked Blood Chord Series. It contains a fair amount of music, magic, fangs and freaks, along with adult situations– you’ve been warned!
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