Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Things Happen When You're Not Paying Attention

It should come as no surprise that, as an author, I frequently check on my books to see how sales are going. Most of the time, I might get a little surprise, but nothing to get overly worked up about. This past weekend I was out of town and so tied up that I didn't even bother to check around from my phone, so image my surprise when I discovered that downloads on Crow: The Prequel went haywire on Saturday.

Where did this manna come from (and how to repeat it!)?

Google did not help illuminate why this one book received a sudden spike in sales. Not one bit. Though I did find a new (favorable) review online for the same book.

Then, this morning I received an email from FreeBooksy letting me know that they featured my book over the weekend, which is most likely the cause of my generous bump in book downloads over on Amazon.

On a side note, they also said I should feel special, 'cause they only handpick a select few books to be showcased. See, I even got a nifty little button for it!

I'm a featured author at Freebooksy

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