Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot New Release-- Crow: The Prequel (and get the first 3 episodes free today!)

It’s live! Crow: The Prequel is now available on Amazon. While the rest of the Crow episodes are modern-day and told from both Beylin & Pia’s viewpoints, the prequel goes back in time by about a hundred years– to one of Pia’s past lives– and is told solely from Beylin’s perspective so that you can get to know him better! <3

(Keep reading to see how you can get the Prequel, plus Epi's 1 & 2 Free today!)

He’s loved her for thousands of years, but in this lifetime she doesn’t remember him… yet.
This prequel to the first episode of the Crow series is focused on giving readers a glimpse into one of Pia’s past lives and to show Beylin hard at work as a Memory Stealer and Soul Bearer.

Cassiopeia “Pia” Alexander is floundering. She can’t pick a college major, her love life is virtually non-existent and the only thing good in her life seems to be her job as an Animal ER Nurse. Even that doesn’t feel like enough, though.
Beylin Callaghan belongs to the Brotherhood, who give souls a winged-ride from one life to the next and remove the memories from each soul so that they have a fresh slate in their new incarnations.
But he’s keeping a secret– a secret that when exposed, will bind Pia’s fate to his own. For better or worse.
***On a side note, I’d recommend reading this one first before going on to the first few episodes that are already available :-)

P.S. For two days only (7/14 – 7/15) the first three installments will be FREE on Amazon. That’s right, you can grab the new Prequel, as well as Episodes One and Two. Feel free to spread the word too!! :-) 

Amazon Links:
Crow: The Prequel
Crow: Episode One
Crow: Episode Two

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