Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Cool Way to Help Libraries in Need

While hanging out in the KindleBoard's Writer's Forum (my, that was a mouthful) I stumbled over a discussion thread talking about a website called Fill The Shelves. It was started by a group of authors, many prolific-- so who knows how they had the time to conceive this idea, and then follow through. So far, the charitable group is off to a fabulous start! Check it out, and if you have the funds, do a little to help a library so desperately in need too.

I get on my children all the time about reading. Once of my greatest disappointments in life so far has been that my own offspring don't seem to have the addiction to books that I did as a child (and still do.) I know how instrumental reading/ books have been in my life, so it saddens me to think that some libraries are so bare.

That a child will walk away empty handed and unfulfilled.

That another life-long reader will be lost because of budgetary cutbacks.

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